Being an Information Technology Professional can be fast-passed and you do not want to get left behind! By joining NITPAA as a professional you are joining the most influential IT association in the country that is serving Kabul and has a strong online presence with Afghan IT experts around the world working in multinational and global enterprises.

Joining NITPAA as a member is free of cost and you’ll be receiving the following benefits:

  • Meet people working in your field of interest through online collaborations and regional meetings.
  • Learn about career and business opportunities through our online community and Career Development program.
  • Gain academic advices specific to your area of expertise.
  • Stay abreast of industry trends with our online Resource Center and Audio Podcasts.
  • Converge your technology skills with business skills while attending virtual workshops.
  • Build and develop your professional career and be identified as a potential candidate for employment.

These benefits are achieved by providing services to all the members of the association.


Code of Ethics

All ISA members (including students) agree to abide by the Code of Ethics:

  • Protecting the Public Interest and Maintaining Integrity.
  • Demonstrating Competence and Quality of Service.
  • Maintaining Confidential Information and Privacy.
  • Avoiding Conflict of Interest.
  • Upholding Responsibility to the IT Profession.