NITPAA to Sign a MoU with Karwan University

In a meeting held at Karwan Unvisited on January 25th, 2016 The National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan and Karwan University has agreed to draft a Memorandum of Understanding to get signed soon.

The high delegations from both sides shared their views on the current educational system of the country, and as well as on how training and mentoring programs could be of help for bringing some major changes in the ICT sector and in the society.

The NITPAA delegations were composed of the President of the term Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi, Board Member Nasrat Khalid and Executive Board Members Mohibullah Utmankhil, Pardes Zadran and A. Khalil Azizi while S. Hameed Rohani, the Chancellor of KU and Mrs. Arzoo the Development Officer of KU were representing Karwan University.

Both sides agreed that volunteerism and knowledge sharing are the best approaches to build capacities in the country and that both organizations will work together to boost these approaches among the youth.  They also agreed that training and mentoring the future ICT leaders could really reshape the future.

The focus of this MoU will be on how can NITPAA and Karwan University could work together to achieve these goals, and to shape a framework so that both organizations could help each other in broader aspects in order to have the best experienced base knowledge shared with others by using the resources available from both sides. It was also agreed that both parties will have mutual cooperation towards the ICT sector in order to have the real standards and knowledge of ICT in the country. 

Karwan University has already been agreed to host a monthly event of NITPAA which will be held on February 4 2017. The Event is organized to talk about online education or eLearning and how young and talented Afghans could avail the opportunities of online education to earn money. This is merely a concept note and this concept note talks about the different scenarios highlights and its impact on the society. The presenter of this topic is Mr. Karim Baidar who is an online tutor at and has many years of experience teaching Online and offline.

At the end of the meeting, the KU Chancellor Mr. Rohani provided NITPAA delegations a tour of the University, and introduced team NITPAA to the KU staff. NITPAA team was also taken to different sections like Library, classes, conference Halls, Cafeteria created or evaluated for student services in the University.

NITPAA is delighted to have Universities like Karwan to stand by their side and share their goals to bring changes in the ICT sector of the country.

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