NITPAA partnerships with global Internet Development organizations

NITPAA is an association of IT professionals in Afghanistan and our primary focus is to utilize our internal skillsets for capacity development of other professionals and students. However we do understand the expertise available in regional and global organizations, and we do reach out to them and make partnerships so that the local community in Afghanistan can take advantage of their expertise. The topics that we cover in these partnerships are around the topic of Internet Development including infrastruction development, content development and enablement, and policy development.

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NITPAA is proud to be the first organization, across all sectors i.e. government, civil society, academia or private sector, to have partnered with ICANN, IGF and APNIC. With ICANN we had a webinar on the introduction to Internet Governance. With APNIC we started a series of web tutorials where we started with Internet Fundamentals and will follow with advanced networking tutorials. NITPAA hosted first ever remote participation hub for the global Internet Governance Forum that was held in Brazil in November 2015. This hub allow Afghan participants in Kabul to participant in the conference where they asked questions and provided comments live at the event.

Our association will continue to provide the platform to the local community to develop their skills and discuss global and local ICT and in particular internet policies to make the internet a better place for all.

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